Huadian Tianning Temple Factory

Huadian Tianning Temple Factory in Beijing

Architects: UFo Studio

On the north and west side of the Huadian Tianning Temple Factory are the urban roads, and the roads inside the block are narrow and full of dead ends. On the east side of the factory is Tianning Temple, a well-known Buddhist holy site in Beijing.

Huawei Technological Factory Buildings

Huawei Technological Factory Buildings in Beijing

Design: Architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners

The development, with its gross floor area of 85,000 sqm and campus-like layout, provides a working environment that benefits from a close relationship with the surrounding landscape – nearly all workplaces face the park outside.

German Factory Architecture, Industrial Buildings Germany

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AGP eGlass Factory & Offices

AGP eGlass Factory & Offices, Lima, Peru

Design: Felipe Ferrer architect, V.oid Architecture: the brief was for a space that would inspire the people that works there, to encourage the operators and engineers to work as clean as possible and a stimulating office space.

Nestle Factory Brasil, Caçapava Building

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Mosquito Coast Factory

Mosquito Coast Factory in Campbon

Design: Tolila+Gilliland. Ceci n’est pas un hangar. Ceci est une île. This is not a shed. This is an island. The question posed by the client/artist was the possibility of a cultural island in an industrial site, the concrete fabrication of a utopic site for living, research and production.

Titus Vineyards

Titus Vineyards in Saint Helena

Design: MH Architects

The Titus brothers reached out to MH Architects to explore the concept of a new winery facility located in Napa Valley in 2012. The client’s stated goal was to express the spirit of Titus Vineyards wine through the architectural components of the winery design.