Harmonic Turbine Tidal Hotel on Hainan Island

Harmonic Turbine Tidal Hotel on Hainan Island

Designed by Margot Krasojević Architects this hotel is located on Yalong Bay, on the island of Hainan in the South China seas. Along the bay’s coastline there are sections exposed to winds and high waves, this is where the harmonic turbine hotel sits.

3D Printed Housing in Mosul

3D Printed Housing in Mosul

5 Farming Bridges design by Vincent Callebaut Architectures, Paris – Rebuilding Iraq’s Liberated Areas: Mosul’s Housing: Rifat Chadirji Prize 3rd Place – Competition on the Tigris River 55 000 3D-printed homes.

Off Grid Villa in The Camargue

Off Grid Villa Camargue

Dutch architects research design potential for a patio villa on a 1.000 m2 site, in south east France. The Client wanted a striking, contemporary building design, blended into its natural context.

Dynamic Seismic Hotel

Dynamic Seismic Hotel in Napoli

Because Italy has a long history of earthquakes and sadly increasing in frequency, Margot Krasojević Architects has been commissioned to contain and reduce the building’s destruction and fatality as a result of earthquakes in the western province near Naples.

Revolving Sail Bridge

Revolving Sail Bridge in Mongolia

Design: Margot Krasojević Architects. Innovative pedestrian bridge design proposal for Ordos government. The bridge can sail – using a carbon fiber triple sail – into any location along the river or be moored using Caisson foundations, on the Wulanmulun River, Mongolia.

Bird Street Smart Oasis London Retail Concept | www.e-architect.co.uk

Bird Street Smart Oasis, London

Architect: Harry Dobbs Design

Intended as a catalyst for further re-development of the London Oxford Street area: the idea is also to give smaller businesses and brands the opportunity to trade in a prime retail location.

Villas CH-O and CH-S

Villas CH-O ans CH-S

Architects: LAD

Container Home Italia, the client, is a start-up founded in 2014 that works to incorporate 40’ HC and 20′ HC containers into residential buildings.

Oslo House in Alicante

Oslo House in Alicante

Design: Ramon Esteve, architects. The Oslo House is located on a mountainside, in a residential state surrounded by pine trees and vegetation. The dwelling is composed of two overlapped bodies that are set back in order to generate a play of light and shadow.