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English Cinema Buildings, Film Theatre Architecture England, Image, Architects English Cinema Designs : Architecture Cinemas Developments in England, UK English Cinema Building – Latest Design Dorchester Cinema, Dorset, south west England Northern Building Design Associates image from architect Dorchester Cinema – 24 Jan 2013 Purpose built 3 screen lifestyle cinema incorporating associated unique retail offer…

Meteor Cinema

Meteor Cinema in Guangzhou Shi

Architects: One Plus Partnership Limited

A meteor is an astronomical observation where a bright trail of light appears in the night sky when a meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere. This beautiful scene only appears in the sky for a very brief moment, and then vanishes without leaving any trace behind.

Structural Archaeology

Structural Archaeology in Belo Horizonte

Design: Vazio S/A architects

Considered for a time Brazil’s largest cinema, Cine Theatro Brasil was built in 1932 at an important intersection in downtown Belo Horizonte. Structural Archeology sought to activate this now unused space, coating the roof framework with a translucent screen, and turning the bleak void into an active venue.

Kino in Rye, East Sussex Building

Kino in Rye, England, East Sussex Building, Project, Images, Design Kino in Rye Cinema Building, East Sussex, England – design by Jonathan Dunn Architects 3 Mar 2015 Kino in Rye, East Sussex Location: East Sussex Design: Jonathan Dunn Architects Kino has been shortlisted for an RIBA Regional Award The Kino project consists of a collection of Victorian school…

Temporary Cinema Competition

Temporary Cinema Competition

Temporary Cinema Competition, Dakar, Open International Architects Competition, Senegal Architecture Contest Temporary Cinema Competition Open International Architects Contest, Cap-Vert Peninsula, Atlantic coast – organised by [AC-CA] page updated Nov 10, 2016 with new images ; 11 Jan 2015 Temporary Cinema Competition Organiser: [AC-CA] Temporary Cinema Competition Closing Date for Registration – 27 Feb 2015 Dakar…