Auckland Castle in Durham

Auckland Castle in Durham

Architects: Purcell

Purcell is the lead consultant and conservation-accredited architects working with Niall McLaughlin Architects on the repair, re-presentation and enhancement of the Grade-I listed, 900 year old, Auckland Castle, Co. Durham.

Nyborg Castle Design Competition

Nyborg Castle Design Competition

Design: Cubo and jaja, with VBM, Schul Landscape, Søren Jensen Engineers, and Professor Mogens Morgen of The Aarhus School of Architecture

International architecture competition to form a masterplan for Nyborg Castle on the island of Funen.

Fortezza Franzensfeste, Eisack Valley: The fortress of Franzensfeste

Fortezza Franzensfeste Building, South Tyrol Architecture, Eisack Valley Franzensfeste, Fortezza, Italy : Eisack Valley Building The fortress of Franzensfeste – design by Markus Scherer with Walter Dietl 21 Sep 2011 Fortezza Franzensfeste Location: Eisacktal (Eisack valley), South Tyrol, north east Italy Franzensfeste (Italian: Fortezza) is a village located 19 km south of Sterzing and 11…

São Jorge Castle Praça Nova, Lisbon

São Jorge Castle, Lisbon Praça Nova, Building, Portugal Project, Photo, Design, Picture São Jorge Castle Praça Nova : Lisbon Building Portuguese Archaeological Site – design by Carrilho da Graça, architect 28 Sep 2010 São Jorge Castle Praça Nova, Lisbon Design: Carrilho da Graça architect Photos © FG + SG Carrilho da Graça distinguished with the…

Wedding Rings, Austria: Puchenau Castle Building

Wedding Rings, Puchenau Building Redesign, Development, Austrian Architecture, Architect Wedding Rings, Puchenau : Austria Architecture Building Renewal – design by x architekten 15 Apr 2013 Puchenau Castle Wedding Rooms Design: x architekten Location: Puchenau, Austria Interior at Puchenau Castle Task: Puchenau’s existing wedding rooms on the ground floor of Puchenau Castle, built in the 17th…