General Motors Design Auditorium Michigan dome

General Motors Design Auditorium Michigan

General Motors Design Auditorium in Warren, Michigan, designed by Eero Saarinen, a legendary corporate master piece of planning and design. The architect placed special attention on the spaces concerned with designing, prototyping and evaluating new automobile styles.

Gordon Murray Design HQ

Gordon Murray Design HQ in Shalford

Design Engine have been commissioned to develop a scheme for the new HQ building for Gordon Murray Design. The scheme will be submitted for planning in February/March 2018 with construction due to start onsite in July 2018.

Porsche Design Centre in Weissach

Porsche Design Centre in Weissach

Design: HENN, architects

Functional areas that have to work together intensively in the early phase of product development are combined. Above the workshops, there is the styling area with the two large, double-storey studios.

The Museum Garage

The Museum Garage in Miami

Design: J.MAYER.H und Partner, Architects

The Miami Design District, a neighborhood dedicated to innovative art, design and architecture, has commissioned The Museum Garage to be built as part of its Phase III development.

Audi Garage Aberdeen

Audi Garage Dundee, Tayside

Dundee Audi Garage news

Robertson has secured a third contract to develop an Audi Garage in Dundee, on the back of successfully delivering two car showrooms for John Clark Motor Group (JCMG) in Aberdeen.

Supercar Workshop

Supercar Workshop in Hampshire

Design: OB Architecture
The architects were invited to design the refurbishment of a derelict workshop building as a headquarters for a British automotive company specialising in the servicing, restoration and racing of cars.

Underground Carport

Underground Carport in Tannay

Design: B29 Architects

This garage is situated in the rustic village of Tannay, in Switzerland. Designed to host the client`s beloved vehicles, it offers various spaces with different qualities, maintaining a dynamic but discrete and elegant presence in the context.