St Martins Cafe in Brighton

St Martins Cafe in Brighton

A new cafe in Brighton from the operators from Glovers Station, designed by Larritt-Evans. The clients brief was to reference the icons of Brighton, which for them was primarily the beach boxes. Secondly the client really wanted to embrace colour in this project.

The Budapest Cafe

The Budapest Cafe in Chengdu

The Budapest Café was designed by Biasol to feel feminine and fun, and layers, elevations and surprising design features encourage customers to explore and physically engage with the space.

Daodao Coffee in Intime City

Daodao Coffee in Intime City

In our opinion, projects should start with some exact questions, and good design should answer them. Our question about this project is how to make sure everyone can find their place in this small space. We solved this problem through changeability of small spaces and the integration of material and lighting.

Apple Park Visitor Center

Apple Park Visitor Center in California

Bringing the experience of Apple Park closer than ever, the new Visitor Center opened to the public. Designed by Foster + Partners. as an exclusive public gateway to Apple Park, it features an expansive roof terrace with stunning views of the main building that offers a unique glimpse into Apple Park.

Light Years Eatery in Melbourne

Light Years Eatery in Melbourne, Hawthorn East Cafe

ZWEI Interiors Architecture have designed a space that evokes the sense of the universe beyond. Light years is an eatery in Melbourne that references both the environment and experience of the inter-planetary universe. This is achieved through Coloured film and lighting positioned to play with colour in the building.

The Goods Shed in Claremont

The Goods Shed in Claremont

Change and Culture are the drivers behind the re-invigoration of The Goods Shed. Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland with Griffith’s Architects provided the design direction and worked with FORM and Landcorp to achieve this successful transformation.

Restaurante Kento in Valencia

Restaurante Kento in Valencia

Masquespacio presents Kento, their last project for an Oriental food chain in Valencia, focused mainly on sushi and other specialties from the Japanese kitchen. Founded by Eduardo Hijlkema the new chain counts on the consultancy of well-known chef and youtuber Taka Sasaki.

Claisebrook Design Community

Claisebrook Design Community in Perth

Cox Architecture transformed an existing sawtooth warehouse and office into a flexible space for entrepreneurship. Situated in a pocket marked by turn-of-the-century terraces and light industry, this project reinstates the area as an urban village.

Hyde Park Cafe in Sydney

Hyde Park Cafe in Sydney

Construction will soon begin on a stylish new cafe and improved access works, designed by Andrew Burns Architecture, at heritage-listed Hyde Park & Museum Station, in the historic context of Hyde Park, Sydney’s premier landscape space.

Jetlag Tea and Wine Bar

JETLAG Tea & Wine Bar in Prague

Mimosa architekti designed this small bar in the centre of Prague. It offers tea, wine and coffee, in various unusual combinations. The space concept of travelling through time zones has been derived from its name Jetlag.

Zhongshu Bookstore

Zhongshu Bookstore in Suzhou

Zhongshu Bookstore in Suzhou was designed by Wutopia Lab, architects. The bookstore is divided into four main zones and several subdivided zones: The Sanctuary of Crystal, The Cave of Fireflies, The Xanadu of Rainbows and The Castle of Innocence.

Savour Salon in Dalingshan

Savour Salon in Dalingshan

Design: Co-Direction Interior Design

Fashion has never been far from design. In a broad sense, interior design can also be regarded as a branch of fashion industry. In creating the space the design team created a fashionable and luxurious atmosphere.

Hudson Block

Hudson Block Bank and Cafe in Calgary

Design: Lemay + Toker

The bank’s public-facing areas are defined by custom glass display cabinets, with specialized lighting, for a rotating gallery of quarterly contributions from the Alberta College of Art and Design.