Paulines in Cape Town

Pauline’s in Cape Town

Designed by Master Studio, Pauline’s narrow, elongated space had to be designed in such a way that both barista and patron had comfort and free movement: new coffee shop in Cape Town, South Africa.

Lebkov & Sons Cafe in Amsterdam

Lebkov & Sons Café in Amsterdam

This cafe is not home or the workplace, but a kind of special ‘third place’ located somewhere between public and domestic. This is the idea Studio Akkerhuis developed together with the owner of Lebkov & Sons for their new brand identity.

Heirloom by Match

Heirloom by Match in Fremantle

Heirloom by Match is the adaptive re-use of the Dalgety Wool Stores, a four-level brick and iron warehouse adjacent to Fremantle Port that has been re-purposed by Cameron Chisholm Nicol to house 183 one- and two- bedroom apartments and a café.

The Archive House in Stavanger

The Archive House in Stavanger

Situated in the Innovation Park at Ullandhaug, Stavanger, the Archive House has been imaginatively designed by Lund+Slaatto Architects to provide a 14,000 sqm cultural research centre which includes a café, library, meeting facilities and exhibition space.

TFD Restaurant in Guangzhou

TFD Restaurant in Guangzhou

Guangzhou based renowned lifestyle store brand TFD (The Fashion Door) is adding a restaurant to its business, Leaping Creative believes that the space should indicate the brand’s fashion sense and at the same time provide its customers with an unordinary dining experience.

Little Ground Cafe

Little Ground Cafe in Glendale

Warren Office for Research and Design expanded the footprint of the cafe, from a tiny service counter with dilapidated outdoor eating area – to a counter service gourmet cafe with expanded full production kitchen and large outdoor dining facility.

St Martins Cafe in Brighton

St Martins Cafe in Brighton

A new cafe in Brighton from the operators from Glovers Station, designed by Larritt-Evans. The clients brief was to reference the icons of Brighton, which for them was primarily the beach boxes. Secondly the client really wanted to embrace colour in this project.