Coffee Prudente Curitiba

The Coffee Prudente in Curitiba

The small interior of 3sqm was the big challenge, when Studio Boscardin.Corsi Arquitetura designed The Coffee Prudente. Not only did it not allow many layout possibilities, but the position of the espresso machine was crucial.

Mamba Bar Buenos Aires

Mamba Bar in Buenos Aires

Hitzig Militello Architects and MFC architect’s design for Mamba Bar had as its starting point the culinary proposal based on a disruptive gastronomic concept (the client’s own words).

Tostado Callao Cafe Buenos Aires

Tostado Callao Cafe in Buenos Aires

Starting off from the idea of recreating the spirit of the traditional Buenos Aires groceries without resorting to cliches, Hitzig Militello Architects worked with the materiality they thought best reflects this kind of store on Av. Córdoba.

The Dessert Kitchen in Chengdu

The Dessert Kitchen in Chengdu

By choosing this delicacy as the main concept to design The Dessert Kitchen, Towodesign produced chemical reactions among food, visual impression and emotion, and created a unique space that provides fantasy experiences.

Bunsen Restaurant Barcelona interior

Bunsen Restaurant Barcelona Interior

Bunsen Restaurant Barcelona: originally founded in Dublin by the chef Tom Gleeson the brand project an urban and casual atmosphere, for the opening of their first branch overseas, the restaurant incorporated recognisable features of the surrounding Gothic neighbourhood and local bar culture into its interior design.