New Yachts 2018 Fincantieri project Mirage

New Yachts 2018

Three of the best new yachts: 2018’s most exciting projects revealed: the shipyards where cutting-edge technology and innovative design continue to raise the bar in yacht – an array of new launches.

Floatwing House in China

FloatWing® House in China

Designed by pedro brigida arquitectos the creation of FloatWing® came from the desire to meet a growing need for people to escape the confusion and hustle and bustle of the great city and to approach the Nature.

Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran Sailboat

Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran Sailboat

Design: Dr Margot Krasojevic, architect

The design for a solar-powered, perpetual motion, hydrofoil Trimaran yacht, commissioned by HoldenManz wine estate, Cape Town. The trimaran has a folding wingsail for a better lift to drag ratio, the sail’s frame is constructed from carbon fibre.


Boatsheds on Takapuna Beach

Design: Strachan Group Architects. On a tight, compact urban site, close to Takapuna Beach in Auckland, New Zealand, the three- stepped gables of these black ‘boatsheds’ appropriately reference boating and beach life.