New Yachts 2018 Fincantieri project Mirage

New Yachts 2018

Three of the best new yachts: 2018’s most exciting projects revealed: the shipyards where cutting-edge technology and innovative design continue to raise the bar in yacht – an array of new launches.

Floatwing House in China

FloatWing® House in China

Designed by pedro brigida arquitectos the creation of FloatWing® came from the desire to meet a growing need for people to escape the confusion and hustle and bustle of the great city and to approach the Nature.

Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran Sailboat

Fresnel Hydrofoil Trimaran Sailboat

Design: Dr Margot Krasojevic, architect

The design for a solar-powered, perpetual motion, hydrofoil Trimaran yacht, commissioned by HoldenManz wine estate, Cape Town. The trimaran has a folding wingsail for a better lift to drag ratio, the sail’s frame is constructed from carbon fibre.


Boatsheds on Takapuna Beach

Design: Strachan Group Architects

On a tight, compact urban site, close to Takapuna Beach in Auckland, New Zealand, the three- stepped gables of these black ‘boatsheds’ appropriately reference boating and beach life.

WMS Boathouse, Clark Park

WMS Boathouse, Clark Park, Chicago

Design: Studio Gang Architects

Winner of AIA National Award. Located at 3400 North Rockwell Avenue, the building is one of four boathouses proposed by the Chicago Mayor as cornerstones of his riverfront revitalization plan.