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BRE News

BRE news – Ethical and sustainable construction champion Dr Shamir Ghumra takes on a new role at helm of BREEAM – the leading international portfolio of sustainability standards that has been driving global improvements in buildings and infrastructure for over two decades.

Premier Inn Pacific Quay-Glasgow building

BIM Objects and Building Products

If BIM is Virtual building construction, BIM objects are the virtual designs of properties glorifying building construction in a virtual environment: “You cannot build anything without construction materials”. BIM-ready models, too, cannot be as-built without BIM objects.

Premier Inn Pacific Quay-Glasgow building

BIM: Building Information Modelling

Design, construction and property professionals can now access the UK’s first timber frame Building Information Modelling (BIM) library, after a successful 12-month project by Stewart Milne Timber Systems, the leading manufacturer of offsite timber systems.

BIM level 2 Mandate UK 2016

BIM Level 2 Mandate UK 2016

In 2011, the due date was set to deliver and embrace a UK standard for Building Information Modeling (BIM) crosswise over England for UK government offices. The primary drivers for that were several, however; it combined a whole lot of cost cutting in construction business across the UK.

4D BIM Promotes Onsite Safety

4D BIM Promotes Onsite Safety Drives ROI, McGraw Hill Construction Survey, Structures Design 4D BIM Promotes Onsite Safety Building Information Modeling – Survey Information 9 Dec 2014 4D BIM Promotes Onsite Safety – Drives ROI 4D BIM Building Information Modelling According to a recent survey by McGraw Hill Construction, companies using (BIM) Building information modeling…

Laser Scanning for BIM

Laser Survey, Point Cloud Modeling, Revit Design, As Built Structures, Construction Laser Scanning for BIM 3D Models of Buildings – design for Revit and BIM 7 Dec 2014 Construction Laser Scanning Virtual To Actual, Black Art Of Laser scanning for BIM – Over Hyped or Aptly Described? When laser survey and point cloud modeling first arrived…

BIM Book: Building Information Modeling Publication

BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design Book, François Lévy Architect, Architecture Article, Building BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design : Book Building Information Modeling Publication by François Lévy 5 Aug 2011 BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design François Lévy ISBN: 978-0-470-59089-8 Hardcover, 312 pages Available on Amazon: BIM Book This work is a leading guide to architectural…