Reberbar in Kyiv


Designed on a total area of 350 square meters on two floors for 150 seating places, its interior design and brand identity have been entirely realized by the designers Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin of the Ukrainian studio YUDIN Design.

Vinoteka Ardoka Madrid bar

Vinoteka Ardoka Madrid Bar

Vinoteka Ardoka Madrid bar interior design by mecansimo Architects on Ponzano Street, a gastronomic and trendy area of the Spanish capital, reusing elements and materials from Spanish bar typology, “castiza”.

SubAstor Cocktail Bar in Sao Paulo

SubAstor Cocktail Bar in São Paulo

The SubAstor has undergone a makeover and gets more cosmopolitan air. In the project, designed by the Superlimão, the door, when closed, is camouflaged, giving the visitor the sensation of a real immersion in the world of the cocktail.

The Doss House in Sydney

The Doss House in Sydney

Designed by buck&simple: doers of stuff The Doss House, showcases bespoke, crafted spaces paying homage to the building’s past as an opium den, gambling house, bootmaker and boarding house dating back to the 1840s.