Will Alsop painting

Will Alsop Painting Exhibition

Remembering British Architect Will Alsop OBE, one of Britain’s most prominent architects and a prolific painter – internationally renowned architect, artist and lecturer schooled at Architectural Association London

Giant Bubble Installation

Giant Bubble Installation in Tokyo

Mori Art Museum Design recently selected installation design studio ENESS to send their giant Bubble sculpture from Melbourne to Tokyo, Japan. The audience was encouraged to “please touch” the pulsating six meter-wide sculpture, which responded to human touch and closeness with light and sound.

Bachoura Building Art in Beirut

Bachoura Building Art in Beirut

Beirut Digital District commissioned the artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, in collaboration with BAD. Built by Associative Data, to paint a mural in the district of Bachoura on a building that bears the marks of war and awaits to be re-built in Beirut, Lebanon.

Hinterland Kilmahew/St Peter's Cardross

St Peter’s Seminary Cardross

Tickets for Doors Open Day at St Peter’s ; Previosuly, Grant for this intriguing Modernist building from The Getty Foundation ; book launched, ‘Cardross Seminary: Gillespie, Kidd & Coia and the Architecture of Postwar Catholicism’ by Diane M. Watters. The derelict St Peter’s Seminary to be transformed into an arts venue and heritage destination.

Rådhuset Station Stockholm underground | www.e-architect.co.uk

Stockholm Underground Art in Metro Stations

The underground in Sweden’s capital (in Swedish tunnelbana) is world’s longest art gallery, 110 km (68 miles). With art in 90 out of its 100 stations, created by over hundred different artists this art display is something out of the ordinary.

Central Sculpture for Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017

Central Sculpture for Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017

This annual series of breathtaking sculptures is a highlight of the English architectural year. Gerry Judah has succeeded in creating a beautifully designed concept that refreshes year after year. e-architect salute this design! Five Formula 1 cars in a spectacular sculpture at Britain’s largest car culture event.