The Pocket

The Pocket in Perth

Designed by Cameron Chisholm Nicol The Pocket features 95 apartments across 5 and 6 storeys, and offers a diversity of apartment types in one-, two- and three- bedroom configurations to accommodate different lifestyles and budgets.

Villa Jardin

Villa Jardín in Ciudad de México

This apartment project, designed by ASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo, is located on the lower level of a building on Mexico City’s west side. It generates a dialog between the newly constructed building and its environment, interweaving the project with its landscape and unifying indoors with outdoors.

Yuhua Showflat E

Yuhua Showflat E in Henan

FAN Life has looked at what kind of collision will occur, when traditional spirit is expressed in an actual form, and when classical soul is hovering in a simple realistic space. This project is an expression of the integrated aesthetics of the Chinese and Western style.

Ikebana in Melbourne

Ikebana in Melbourne

Elenberg Fraser built the Ikebana development around courtyards that evoke the intense reflection of the famous Japanese rock gardens, and the ability to blend outdoor space with indoor – these central spaces offer respite from the urban surrounds, a place for contemplation.

Fluid Mirror Interior

Fluid Mirror interior in Taipei

Waterfrom Design respected and incorporated the pleasing view of a waterfront residence, the undulate waters with ripples therein pass through the semi-circular surrounding windows and become part of the vicissitudes of your daily life.