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Contemporary Arosio Architecture

House / Laboratory in Switzerland – design by LANDSarchitetture

25 Sep 2009

Une Pièce Moirée, Arosio

Arosio, near Lugano, Switzerland
Design: LANDSarchitetture

Arosio Architecture, Swiss Building

“Une Pièce Moirée”
A working, living and thinking space.
A green field. A spring wave. The Wood.
The Mountains. Copper as primary matter.
Plastic, ductile, malleable.
Architecture as a reassuring presence.
A rhythmic code is wrapping the shell, container of emotions. Solid and Pure matter from the outside, surprisingly permeable to the landscape from the inside.
Stability and transparency.

Une Pièce Moirée Une Pièce Moirée Une Pièce Moirée

Landscape is the dominating element, the inspiring voice of the architecture.
The small house-laboratory self-liberates from the creases of the land. Time will keep informing the copper shell, printing traces and recording events.
The copper code is telling the story of the existence of the object.

Une Pièce Moirée Une Pièce Moirée Une Pièce Moirée Une Pièce Moirée

It is the play on the matter, on its vibration, on its perception. Eyes stare and search.

The heart finds and uncovers.

A constant movement from the inside and the outside. Space is closing and opening along with the rhythm of the changing seasons.

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Location: Arosio, Lugano, Switzerland

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