Rocafort House in Murcia, Spain

Private Valencia Residence, Murcia Residential Developement, Spanish Architecture

Rocafort House in Spain

Residential Building in Lorquí, Murcia, east Spain – design by Ramon Esteve Studio

2 Jun 2014

Rocafort House

Design: Ramon Esteve Studio

Location: Lorquí, Spain

This Rocafort House becomes a large amplifier of the space. Instead of limiting the views we worked with a series of pieces that grow in size up to the porch space to achieve this feeling.

Rocafort House Rocafort House

One of the key points is the transition to the outside achieved by prolonging the envelope of the house out, so space dilates and expands its influence on the environment. Besides, sunlight passes through the hollow made in the wall, changing the atmosphere and enhancing its sculptural character.

The objective is defining an own universe where the scene depends exclusively on the geometry and light handling.

Photographs: Eduard Peris

Rocafort House images / information from Ramon Esteve Studio

Location:Lorquí, Spain