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Home in Zaragoza – design by Alberto Campo Baeza Architect

20 Nov 2012

Moliner House

Locationm: Zaragoza, Spain

Design: Alberto Campo Baeza

Moliner House Zaragoza Moliner House Zaragoza Spain Moliner House Spain Moliner Zaragoza
photos : Javier Callejas

Residence in Zaragoza

To build a house for a poet. To make a house for dreaming, living and dying. A house in which to read, to write and to think.

We raised high walls to create a box open to the sky, like a metaphysical garden, with concrete walls and floor. To create an interior world. We dug into the ground to plant leafy trees.

Moliner Spain New House Zaragoza Zaragoza House Spanish House
photos : Javier Callejas

And floating in the center, a box filled with the translucent light of the north. Three levels were established. The highest for dreaming. The garden level for living. The deepest level for sleeping.

For dreaming, we created a cloud at the highest point. A library constructed with high walls of light diffused through large translucent glass. With northern light for reading and writing, thinking and feeling.

Spanish Home Spain Home Design New House Design Spain Moliner House Zaragoza
photos : Javier Callejas

For living, the garden with southern light, sunlight. A space that is all garden, with transparent walls that bring together inside and outside.

And for sleeping, perhaps dying, the deepest level. The bedrooms below, as if in a cave.

Once again, the cave and the cabin.

Dreaming, living, dying. The house of the poet.

Moliner House Zaragoza Moliner House Zaragoza
images : Boceto

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Alberto Campo Baeza

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