El Meandro House in Malaga

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El Meandro House in Malaga

Contemporary Spanish Residence on the Costa del Sol – design by Marion Regitko Architects

4 Mar 2016

El Meandro House

Design: Marion Regitko Architects

Location: Mijas, Málaga, Spain, Costa del Sol, southern Spain

El Meandro

The El Meandro House is organized within one meandering form made of natural stone, creating three volumes with an open space interwoven between them.

El Meandro

El Meandro

El Meandro

Perched on top of the hill, the first volume contains the main living space of the house. The living, eating and kitchen areas are located on this level in an open plan. From here you have spectacular sea and mountain views. The living space extends into the exterior becoming a deck and swimming pool. A large, over-sailing roof connects the inside and outside and protects the interior from the summer sun. You can ‘hop off’ the deck onto to the south-west garden.

El Meandro

El Meandro

Within the ‘Meander’ the second volume contains the swimming pool. Its shape and function connects to the third volume containing the guest area.

El Meandro

El Meandro

El Meandro

The meandering form ends with the third volume further down the hill and is pushed into the landscape. It contains three guest rooms with en suite bathrooms, guest living room and service functions. From here you can enjoy private views to the sea.

El Meandro El Meandro

The open spaces in-between the three volumes and the hill are more protected and enclosed. Here you can find an exterior lounge area, parking, entrance with lift, a private patio for guests and a roof garden.

El Meandro

El Meandro House – Project Information

Project name: El Meandro
Architect: Marion Regitko Architects
Design Team: Marion Regitko, Gordon Haslett
Client: Private Dutch client
Location: Mijas, Málaga, Spain
Area: 685.0 sqm
Project Year: 2015

Technical architect: Emilio Domingo Corpas
Contractor: Construcciones José García Solórzano
Installation: Fontgasol, Juan Carlos
Concrete Structure: Construcciones José García Solórzano
Steel Structure: Jose A. Cortes Bermudez
Brickwork: Construcciones José García Solórz
Aluminium windows: Jofebar
Electricity/lightning: Everofi Electricidad S.A.
Climatization: Cliven S.A.
Furniture maker: Pedro Varela
Budget: 800.000 euros

El Meandro

Photographs: Fernando Alda

El Meandro House in Malaga images / information from Marion Regitko Architects

Location:Mijas, Málaga, Spain ‘

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