Cocktail Station in San Sebastián, Spain

Cocktail Station in San Sebastián, Outdoor Bar Cabin, Architecture Images

Cocktail Station in San Sebastián

Outdoor Bar Cabin, Northern Spain – design by Mecanismo arquitectos

27 Sep 2018

Cocktail Station, San Sebastián

Design: Mecanismo Architects

Location: San Sebastian, Spain

Cocktail Station, San Sebastián

Mecansimo results from the combination of a profound interest in materials and a careful execution of ideas, all this developed with a clear obsession for investigation and innovation of new concepts.

Cocktail Station in San Sebastian Spain

The materialization of this ideas resulted to create the architectural studio based in Madrid, and founded in 2012 by Marta Urtasun and Pedro Rica. Specialized in the development and execution of projects, systems and products related to design and architecture. Our work comprehends the complete creative process, from the conceptual idea, to the detailed design.

Cocktail Station in San Sebastian Spain

At the beginning of the year, Pedro Subijana told us to design a cocktail bar, from which they could prepare and serve unique drinks and cocktails on the terrace of the Akelarre’s Hotel, which we had the opportunity to design in 2017.

Cocktail Station in San Sebastian Spain

From the beginning our idea was to design a moving structure, that could be placed on the hotel’s terrace (once totally finished) avoiding any disturbance from works that could disrupt the hotels functionality. A prefabricated element, resistant to the climatic conditions of the area, functional and attractive, always taking into account how the element would be integrated into the space.

Cocktail Station in San Sebastian Spain

We directly started thinking about airplanes as spaces which are totally practical and that work well under the most unfavorable conditions, in which everything has been perfectly articulated by incorporating the most innovative designs.

Following this idea, we analyzed the cross section of the fuselage, in which all the pieces and elements are integrated in a way that creates a functional interior. The aerodynamic and ultraresistant structure protects it from exterior elements and makes the displacement possible rapidly.

Cocktail Station in San Sebastian Spain

From there, we copied this concept and proposed a curvilinear shaped volume entirely composed of a light metallic structure coated with sandwich panels. Those panels make the interior space completely isolated.

The relationship between the interior and exterior is created by a movable part of the curved structure. Using a rotation system, part of the wrap, can be lifted upwards creating a shade that covers the space over the bar area.

When the door is shut down the structure is completely closed forming part of the wrap of a piece whose appearance is dark from the outside in contrast with a unique yet remarkable glowing and bright interior made in golden steel.

In the interior all the elements are integrated in the design generating a continuous surface. That situation makes a bright and functional space which contrast with the exterior.

Cocktail Station in San Sebastian Spain

The contrast between the eclectic interior and the sober exterior creates an atmosphere in which the volume of the structure does not stand out when closed, giving the impression of a hermetic and inaccessible piece. Though it is transformed in a bright spotlight that is striking and unique when open and in activity.

Cocktail Station in San Sebastian Spain
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Cocktail Station in San Sebastián, Spain Building

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