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Ljubljana Architecture : Slovenia Residential Building

Ljubljana apartments, Slovenia – design by Ofis Arhitekti

14 Jan 2008

Tetris Housing

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Design: Ofis Arhitekti

Tetris Housing Slovenia Residential Building Tetris Housing Ljubljana Tetris Housing Ljubljana

The location is on the edge of the planned 650 apartments which was finished a year ago.

Also this apartment block is social type and was sold to Slovenian Housing fund. The cost per square meter had to be 650 EUR/m2 since the selling cost was 1300EUR/m2.

The given urban plot of the building was 4 floors high, 58 meters long and 15 in width.
Since the orientation of the building is towards the busy highway the apartment opening together with balconies are shifted as 30 degrees window-wings towards the quieter and south orientated side.

Tetris Housing Ljubljana Tetris Housing Ljubljana Tetris Housing Ljubljana

Long after the elevations were planned many people associated them to Tetris game. And so the building got its name.

Tetris Housing Ljubljana – Building Information

Client: Gradis G group, ljubljana
Apartment types: 1- room apartment: 35m2
2-room apartment:69.00m2
2.5- room apartment:89.00m2
3- room apartment: 103.00m2

Construction cost: 600EUR/m2
Selling cost: 1.200EUR/m2
Construction start: Feb 2006
Construction finish: Sep 2007

architecture: project leaders – Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik
Design team: Martina Lipicer, Nejc Batistic, Andrej Gregoric, Ana Kosi

Tetris Housing images / information from Ofis Arhitekti

Tetris Housing design : Ofis Arhitekti

Location:Ljubljana, Slovenia

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