New Residence Singapore – House in 3 Movements

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House in 3 Movements : Singapore Residence

New Residence – design by RT+Q Architects Pte Ltd

18 May 2012

House in 3 Movements Singapore

Architect: RT+Q Architects Pte Ltd

New Residence Singapore - House in 3 Movements
photo from Singapore Institute of Architects

House in 3 Movements

Category A: Residential Projects ( Individual Houses)

Client / Owner: Mr and Mrs Silas Lee

The architecture explores design as an expression of our functions and habits in the environment called home. The house is arranged in 3 parts. At the front is the living space/public realm, in the middle the dining area where entertainment with more intimately known guests might take place, and at the back and upper levels are sleeping quarters and more private family areas.

The 3 parts are defined by creating transition spaces marked by landscape and water features. These thresholds define the transitions as one moves through into the private realms. More importantly, these transition areas bring daylight, ventilation and create a micro internal outdoor environment into the lived spaces themselves.

The concept is, of course, timelessly simple but the design created looks like nothing else from outside and is exceptional to experience within.

House in 3 Movements images / information from Singapore Institute of Architects

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House in 3 Movements

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