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Serbian Developments

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Serbian Building Developments

South East European Architectural Projects + Key New Property Designs, alphabetical:

Serbian Architecture Designs – chronological list

Beko Masterplan Belgrade
Belgrade Architecture Tours
Beton Hala Waterfront
Block 39
CFPS Building Belgrade
Divcibare Mountain House in Serbia
Hotel Centar
Square Nine Hotel Belgrade

Location: Serbia

Centre for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade

Traces of Roman and early Byzantine Empire architectural heritage are found in many royal cities and palaces in Serbia, like Sirmium, Felix Romuliana and Justiniana Prima.

Monasteries in Serbia are the pinnacle of Serbian medieval art. At the beginning, they were under the influence of Byzantine Art which was particularly felt after the fall of Constantinople in 1204, when many Byzantine artists fled to Serbia. The most noted of these monasteries is Studenica (built around 1190). It was a model for later monasteries, like the Mileševa, Sopoćani, Žiča, Gračanica and Visoki Dečani. In the end of 14th and the 15th centuries, autochotonous architectural style known as Morava style evolved in area around Morava Valley.
source: wikipedia

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