Modern Village Office Da Nang

The Modern Village Office, Da Nang Building

The Modern Village Office, Da Nang, design by Ho Khue Architects, shortlisted at World Architecture Festival 2018 Awards: the rooftop is densely planted with plants to cool the lower floors. This floor houses the executive office, meeting room, and large open sided lunch room with a complete kitchen.

Louvers House in Ho Chi Minh City

Louvers House in Ho Chi Minh City

From MIA Design Studio’s perspective, Louvers House is not only a living shelter but also reflects the client’s living style. The client wanted to make a combination of spaces to keep communication between generations of a Vietnamese family.

LAVA Celebrates Lunar New Year

LAVA celebrates Lunar New Year with new projects

LAVA has won two international competitions – for a mixed-use development Tien Bo City and the Detech company HQ. They are also designing a residential/office tower in Van Phu, an experiential tea shop, and, with their HCMC-based design partner Module K, a series of kindergartens.

Manh Manh Salon

Mành Mành Salon in Hanoi

Design: H&P Architects

The Mành Mành Salon project develops an approach to reuse available materials such as doors, glass, tables and chairs, bricks, low-quality wood, to create a fresh and distinctive but friendly space to the nature.

AR House in Phu Nhuan

AR House in Phu Nhuan

Design: Truong An architecture

House for an artist, the building had to be harmonic with nature and his pets: a beautiful dog, a naughty cat, birds, a friendly pig and a turtle – regarded as his ‘friends’.