Manh Manh Salon

Mành Mành Salon in Hanoi

Design: H&P Architects

The Mành Mành Salon project develops an approach to reuse available materials such as doors, glass, tables and chairs, bricks, low-quality wood, to create a fresh and distinctive but friendly space to the nature.

AR House in Phu Nhuan

AR House in Phu Nhuan

Design: Truong An architecture

House for an artist, the building had to be harmonic with nature and his pets: a beautiful dog, a naughty cat, birds, a friendly pig and a turtle – regarded as his ‘friends’.

The Chapel Vietnam by A21 Studio

The Chapel Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

Design: a21studio, architects

A community space in a new urban ward on the outskirt of Ho Chi Minh City. The surrounding area lacks communal centers, therefore the building is designed to be the place for people to participate in activities such as conferences, weddings and exhibitions.

Cheering Restaurant Hanoi

Cheering Restaurant in Hanoi

Design: H&P Architects

This building is renovated from a closed project, using an old steel frame structure and covering materials. The life on sidewalk inspired the designers to create a space that recalls ancient trees.

Indochina Villa Saigon Vietnam

Indochina Villa Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City

Design: MIA Design Studio, architects

Luxury property located in a prime lifestyle community consisting of 114 luxury villas set in an 8 hectare parcel of land. The concept was thoughtfully designed to harmoniously integrate with the surrounding tropical landscape.

Mia Design Studio Office

MIA Design Studio Office in Ho Chi Minh City

Design: MIA Design Studio

It is not so easy to find a comfortable workspace in Saigon. Most people have to work in the cramped urbanscape; everything becomes stifling and polluted atmosphere, where there is less and less open voids, green parks & community spaces becoming very rare in the city.