The Mill in Bratislava building interior

The Mill in Bratislava

Award for Mlynica building, part of a large post-industrial area of Light Building Materials in Bratislava. Porous prefabricated concrete blocks, slabs and panels have been produced here since 1960s.

Family House Jarovce in Bratislava

Family House Jarovce in Bratislava

Designed by Studio Compass Architekti this family house is located on the northern edge of the village Jarovce, in a zone of family houses. The site is leveled, with an area of 661 sqm. To ensure the optimal use of the property, the house is located in the northern part of the parcel.

Sky Park in Bratislava

Sky Park in Bratislava

The building design by Zaha Hadid Architects converts an abandoned site into a new 20,000 sqm public park and community of more than 700 apartments together with 55,000 sqm of office and retail space connected to the city’s tram and bus networks.

Double View House in Bratislava

Double View House in Bratislava

Design: Architekti Šebo Lichý. A family home located on a steep, narrow slope in a densely built-up area. The house artfully fits into the hillside to fully utilize the possibilities of the space, offering panoramic views of the city.

Attic Apartment in Bratislava

Attic Apartment in Bratislava

Design: at26, architects. Attic apartment located at the top of the block of 1920s flats in an old neighbourhood formerly known as „Ziegelfeld“. The area has a mix of industrial and residential: this imprint of historical feeling is still present.

White Cubes House

White Cubes House in Prievoz

Design: at26_architecture&design. The client’s intentions were very clear: to create a modern, elegant and timeless house and clear material mix of concrete and white with living rooms and bedrooms oriented to the south.

Villa Inga

Villa Inga in Bratislava

Design: Architekti Šebo Lichý. Despite the fact that many architects understand their houses as a manifesto of their ideas about architecture and they are trying to implement everything they did not pass by their clients, architect Igor Lichý chose a rather conservative approach.

Business Garden Stefanikova

Business Garden Stefanikova in Bratislava

Design: Architekti Šebo Lichý. Štefánikova Street is known as traffic route in the city center, yet it has the potential to be a city boulevard. It has a unique character with a varied structure of buildings from different historical periods.

Le Jour Cafe

Le Jour Café in Košice

Designers: BPd-design & art. Le Jour Café is located in the historic centre of Košice, on the Hlavná street in a building, which is the oldest preserved bourgeois building in the city centre.