Beko Masterplan Belgrade Architecture Tours

Belgrade Architecture Tours: Serbian Walking Tour

Belgrade Architecture Walking Tours – ever since the liberation from the Ottoman Empire in 19th century the city architecture is focused on European styles. Styles present are neoclassicism, romanticism, eclectic, art nouveau, cubism, modernism, international style, etc.

Beko Masterplan in Belgrade design by Zaha Hadid Architects

Beko Masterplan – Urban Regeneration Belgrade

Sweeping organic masterplan, typical curvilinear style of Zaha Hadid Architects – from our archive. The context is an ancient Serbian castle, a contrast of sheer newness against ancient fabric: beautiful flowing lines show a major increase in fluidity of Zaha’s designs around 2013.

Divcibare Mountain House

Divcibare Mountain House in Serbia

Design: EXE studio. The house is located near the popular tourist resort Divcibare, on the slope of Mount Maljen in western Serbia. Although the plot has been overrun with small pine trees, it still bears the original character of the open field.