House Built Around a Tree

House Built Around a Tree in Alto de Pinheiros

The 1000sqm site has a generous garden, including an impressive Flamboyant tree, around which this luxury property by architects Perkins+Will was built. The tree was three-dimensionally digitized to protect it from building construction. Social areas are covered by a structural wood grid developed with Brazilian engineer Hélio Olga.

'War and Peace' by Candido Portinari for Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil

Sao Paulo Architecture News: Buildings

Sao Paulo architecture news, architectural developments in Brazil – architects Oficina de Mosaicos create a re-reading of the panels ‘War and Peace’ in mosaic, for USP – Sao Paulo building news, Brazilian architecture projects, South American built environment updates, construction design + property photos

Redux House

Redux House in Sao Paulo by Studio MK27

Expansive contemporary property in the Quinta da Baroneza gated community, design by architects Studio mk27. The open land, on a downwards slope terrain and with a west-facing view, is on the edge of a large environmental preservation area of a native forest.

Google Campus in Sao Paulo

Google Campus in São Paulo

Campus São Paulo, a Google Space for enterpreneurs: SuperLimão Studio retrofitted this sixth floor building, Paulista Avenue, São Paulo, Brazil, as a ‘green build’, LEED certified, using local and recycled materials.