Benzina Bar in Sao Paulo

Benzina Bar in São Paulo

Designed by Superlimão the idea for the Benzina Bar project was to create a young, interesting and at the same time an empowering environment for the customer to have the free will to come and go at the bar.

SubAstor Cocktail Bar in Sao Paulo

SubAstor Cocktail Bar in São Paulo

The SubAstor has undergone a makeover and gets more cosmopolitan air. In the project, designed by the Superlimão, the door, when closed, is camouflaged, giving the visitor the sensation of a real immersion in the world of the cocktail.

House l in Sao Paulo

House I in São Paulo

Signed by the office TRIA Arquitetura in a co-creation with the architect Bruno Araújo, the project of ‘House I’ had as a premise the creation of a house with easy maintenance and open and fluid environments.

Goose Island Brewhouse in Sao Paulo

Goose Island Brewhouse in São Paulo

The American brewery, Goose Island Brewhouse brought to Brazil its concept of brewpub, a bar where beer is produced and consumed. SuperLimão Studio and the Canadian office McKinley Bukkart Architects were responsible for the development of the project.