Casa Kwantes

Casa Kwantes near Rotterdam

Dutch architects MVRDV recently completed Casa Kwantes, a private residence west of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This 480 sqm property gives its residents the privacy they desire whilst at the same time opens up the house towards the garden and daylight.

Casa F in Rotterdam

Casa F in Rotterdam

Design: PEÑA architecture. Former Kralings Museum at the Hoflaan transformed into a luxury apartment building: the building has three apartments. This one is on the second floor and contains 193 sqm with 25 sqm of outdoor space.

Parkstad in Rotterdam

Parkstad in Rotterdam

Design: DELVA Landscape Architects. The design for 250 owner-occupied and rental dwellings around three unique urban parks in Rotterdam South, combines urban and contemporary design with the historic charm of the Afrikaanderwijk.

Black Pearl House

Black Pearl House in Rotterdam

Design: Studio i.p.w. Zecc Architecten

The 100 years old facade of a property in a row of terraced houses, is totally painted black. Both brick-work, frames and “windows” are covered with a shiny black oil.

Market Hall in Rotterdam

Market Hall in Rotterdam

Design: MVRDV, Architects – new photos

The first covered food-market of the Netherlands and a new urban typology combining living with shopping. The walls and roof are an arch of 228 apartments. Inside the arch is the art work ‘Cornucopia’, the largest art piece in the Netherlands.

McDonald’s Rotterdam Restaurant

McDonald’s in Rotterdam

Design: Mei Architects and Planners. A spectacular new pavilion building shines on the Coolsingel after only two months of construction. The former kiosk once voted the ugliest building in Rotterdam no longer reflected the ambitions of either McDonald’s or the city.