CRAZY_Undr, Constanta Club

CRAZY_Undr, Constanta Club, Romania

CRAZY_Undr Club in Constanta: “the background of musical, urban events into a central location in Constanta is the theme for a potential manifesto. We are dominated by mental flashbacks of some residual urban spaces”.

Hotel Atra Doftana Romanian accommodation building

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Bucharest Apartment

Bucharest Apartments in Romania

Design: ADN Birou de Arhitectură, architects

The building searches to preserve, at its own scale, the porosity and “profoundness” of the deep, narrow plots, while also trying to capture part of the “collage”-like appearance of the surroundings.

Garage Conversion

Garage Conversion in Bucharest

Design: arhiDOT

For our architectural practice we wanted an unconventional and representative space, small and manageable, a place where we’ll feel more at home than at the office, providing a direct contact with the street and the city.

Bucharest Buildings – Romania Architecture, Architects

Bucharest Buildings, Romanian Projects, Photo, News, Design, Property, Image Bucharest Buildings Romania Key Architecture Developments in Romania, Eastern Europe Bucharest Architecture Bucharest Architecture News 30 Oct 2017 Stefan cel Mare Building Architects: Lauster & Radu Arhitecti photograph : Andrei Margulescu Stefan cel Mare Building in Bucharest Until 2006 the site located at the intersection between…

New Control Tower Airport Cluj 1

New Control Tower Airport, Cluj-Napoca

Design: Kubota & Bachmann Architects

At the beginning of the 21st century, Cluj’s new control tower is the beacon and a symbol for Cluj’s architecture.

The tower is functional, alluring and green.

In our time, the reflection and integration of ecological standards seems mandatory.

Avincis Winery – Romania Building

Avincis Winery, Olt Valley Wine Making Building, Romanian Architecture, Architect Avincis Winery, Romania : Dragasani Architecture Romanian Wine Making Building – design by BBM Grup S.R.L. 6 Mar 2013 Avincis Winery in Olt Valley Design: BBM Grup S.R.L. Location: Dragasani, Romania Winery in Olt Valley Located about 230 km northwest of Bucharest, on Olt Valley,…

Cluj Arena – Romanian Stadium

Cluj Arena, Romanian Stadium Building, Romania Architecture, Architect Cluj Arena : Romanian Football Stadium New Multipurpose Venue, Romania – design by Dico Si Tignans Birou De Proiectaire Srl 14 Feb 2013 Cluj Arena, Romania Design: Dico Si Tignans Birou De Proiectaire Srl Location: Cluj, Romania Romanian Stadium Building Cluj Arena is a multipurpose stadium built…