Making Doha Exhibition in Qatar

Making Doha Exhibition in Qatar

Designed by a team from OMA/AMO, Making Doha 1950-2030 brings together seventy years of photographs, models, plans, texts, films, oral histories, and archival materials to chart Doha’s transition.

Qatar National Library in Doha

Qatar National Library in Doha

Highly inventive architecture in The Gulf from major Dutch architects firm OMA: the National Library, the Public Library, the University Library, and the Heritage Collection, consists of valuable texts and manuscripts related to the Arab-Islamic civilization.

Doha Building

Qatar Architecture Photos – Doha Buildings

In this exclusive report by Greek architectural photographer Pygmalion Karatzas we bring you the most interesting new buildings in Doha, Qatar. There is a wide range of new buildings in this affluent Gulf country, not just the obligatory ‘aren’t we doing well’ skyscrapers but also museums, parks and galleries.

Oxygen Park, Education City, Doha

Oxygen Park, Education City, Doha

Oxygen Park, designed by AECOM, is inspired by wind-eroded rocks of the desert. The fluid paths and shaded running tracks are embedded in the topography. Team sport pitches, equestrian facilities and recreation areas with soundscapes combine to form an inspiring training ground.

National Museum Qatar

National Museum of Qatar – Jean Nouvel Building

Architects: Jean Nouvel

The National Museum, designed by world-renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, is inspired by the desert rose. The upcoming museum will combine historic objects and contemporary influences, opening up a dialogue around the impact of rapid change.