Ave House

AVE House in Lima

Design: Arq. Martín Dulanto

A white box, a habitat platform and the space generated between both elements, composes this project. The box is separated from the base creating a large space open to the landscape.

Casa A in Lima

Casa A in Lima

Design: BORDE Arquitectos

The land clearly laid out 2 axes so we made 2 wings. In the ground floor there´s one wing with the kids bedrooms and in front of them is the second wing with the master bedroom and the tv room, they join in the front side and made the social area.

Casa Lapa

Casa Lapa in Lima

Design: Arq. Martin Dulanto Sangalli

The Project´s basic idea was to have minimum impact in the natural setting. The rocky tract of land was cut before the project was designed. The proposal was created having it in mind and adapting itself to the space and lightly embedding it to the setting.

The Lima Art Museum New Contemporary Wing

The Lima Art Museum New Contemporary Wing

Design: AYBARS ASCI, Efficiency Lab for Architecture PLLC

The New Contemporary Art Wing Expansion to the Lima Art Museum located in the 19th century Exposition Palace, creates a strong architectural dialogue between the historical structure and the new expansion; they connect without touching.

Memory House

Memory House in Lima

Design: Chetecortes Architects

When I say Beach, we can quickly see the blue of the sea under a clear sky, next to the warm sand, bathed in an intense yellow light that illuminates the day. The relaxing sound of the waves begins to whisper our ears, while our body begins to perceive a refreshing temperature, the wind passing.

Living House

Living House in Lima

Design: Chetecortes Architects

Designed for a business family who spends a lot of time traveling, with a culture of fluidity and continuity of energy in their lives.

The Panda House in Cañete

The Panda House in Cañete

The top priority for the architects when designing was to keep the spirit of the existing house, which was more than 20 years old and was designed in an exaggerated way. The project has an air of minimalism combined with classic elements of a rustic beach house.

Blanca House in Lima

Blanca House in Lima

Design: Arq. Martín Dulanto

This property has been worked on to look like a massive block, excavated to generate different areas in the inside. The introverted character in which the design is based permits the user to enjoy privacy in every ambiance on this level.

Casa Seta in Lima

CyD House in Chaclacayo, Lima

Design: V.Oid, architects

A 470sqm summer home in the Los Cóndores Country Club of Chaclacayo, north of Lima. The 2500sqm site has an irregular geometry and steep inclines, the most dramatic of which is a land depression rife with obsolete cisterns.

AGP eGlass Factory & Offices

AGP eGlass Factory & Offices, Lima, Peru

Design: Felipe Ferrer architect, V.oid Architecture,

The brief of the project was to have a space that would inspire the people that works there, to encourage the operators and engineers to work as clean as possible and a stimulating office space that maximize the transparency and visibility towards the industrial line.

Gato House

Gato House in Lima

Design: Arq. Martín Dulanto

The house has been designed as a big white box in which, diverse vertical cuts has been applied forming a general view of texture.

P2 House Poseidon

P2 House Poseidon in Pucusana

Design: domenack arquitectos

The project is located in one of the highest areas of the cliff that defines the topographical profile of the bay. The terrain´s steep topography has two natural access points, from the front (lowest point) and back (highest point).