Palabritas Beach House Lima

Palabritas Beach House in Lima

Designed by Metropolis the Palabritas Beach House is located on the first row of lots and was designed so that the architecture acted like a frame to the view of the beach and the islands that are found in front of the house.

Casa S

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Ave House

AVE House in Lima

A white box, a habitat platform and the space generated between both elements, composes this Peruvian house design by Arq. Martín Dulanto. The box is separated from the base creating a large space open to the landscape.

Casa A in Lima

Casa A in Lima

Design: BORDE Arquitectos. The land clearly laid out 2 axes so we made 2 wings. In the ground floor there´s one wing with the kids bedrooms and in front of them is the second wing with the master bedroom and the tv room, they join in the front side and made the social area.

Casa Lapa

Casa Lapa in Lima

New house in Pucusana design by Arq. Martin Dulanto Sangalli, aimed to have minimum impact in the natural setting. The rocky tract of land was cut before the project was designed, the home lightly embedding into the setting.

Memory House

Memory House in Lima, Asia

Design: Chetecortes Architects. When I say Beach, we can quickly see the blue of the sea under a clear sky, next to the warm sand, bathed in an intense yellow light that illuminates the day.