Falafel Yoni, Mile-End restaurant

Falafel Yoni, Mile-End, Montreal

Falafel Yoni is nestled in the heart of Montreal’s trendy Mile-End neighbourhood. The city’s zoning regulated that the restaurant’s capacity be limited to 12 seats, which led to the design of a generous curved bar with a diner feel.

Ville-Marie Apartment

Ville-Marie Apartment, Montreal

This new residential project by architects naturehumaine is in a 1980s downtown tower. The interior renovation project aims to completely open a space originally partitioned and to compensate for the lack of light at the heart of the apartment.

CRISP Barbershop in Pointe Saint-Charles Montreal

CRISP Barbershop in Pointe Saint-Charles

CRISP was born from the owner’s strong will to open a barbershop unlike all others. It was IVYSTUDIO’s job to create a unique experience in a minimalistic environment that put the spotlight on the barbers, without compromising on the spaces functionality.

Stikeman Elliott Montréal Office Interior

Stikeman Elliott Montréal Office Interior

The original intent for this project was to create a new layout that maximizes natural light and views onto Montreal’s downtown area as well as promote informal meeting and socialisation among employees. To this end, the tree becomes a strong inspirational image for the development of the project.

ETS Centech in Montreal

ÉTS Centech in Montreal

Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes gives new vocation for the former Dow Planetarium, now home to ÉTS Centech, one of the largest technology company accelerators of in Canada.

Jouney Café, Downtown Montreal

Jouney Café, Downtown Montreal

Jouney café in downtown Montreal is a Lebanese café/bakery concept created by Patrick Abdelahad. The long narrow restaurant can seat 40 in an array of different seating options. Banquette seating lines the 16-foot-tall brick walls, while an I-beam spans the sloping floor to accommodate a large communal table.