Campus 1

Campus1 Montreal

Campus1 Montreal has opened near McGill University. Designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects, the former hotel has been transformed to support an excellent student residence and learning environments.

Van Horne in Montreal

Van Horne in Montreal

Paul Bernier Architecte transformed and expanded a building on Van Horne Avenue in Montreal. The ground floor is for commercial purposes, the second floor has an apartment for rent and the third floor would be the client’s home.

Le Blossom Restaurant in Montreal

Le Blossom Restaurant in Montreal

Drawing inspiration in part from the work of Hollywood industrial designer Syd Mead of Ménard Dworkind architecture & design, the idea was to create a singular environment, free from the usual and overused Japanese-themed clichés.

Ice Shore House in Montreal

Ice Shore House in Montreal

In 2013, an elderly citizen sought out the services of Gary Conrath. Both knew each other well since Indesign had conceived and constructed the co-property building where the woman had been living for a decade.

ETS Centech in Montreal

ÉTS Centech in Montreal

Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes gives new vocation for the former Dow Planetarium, now home to ÉTS Centech, one of the largest technology company accelerators of in Canada.

Hutchison Flat in Barcelona

Hutchison Flat in Montreal

In order to accommodate new owners, Atelier SUWA needed to transfom the Hutchison Flat in Montreal. After several partial renovations throughout the years, the dwelling had a dark and busy 1990s feel.

LEdifice Wilder in Montreal

L’Édifice Wilder in Montreal

L’Édifice Wilder is a significant project, designed by Ædifica, for the Quebec dance community, this building demonstrates that it is possible to create large-scale living environments that combine a distinct architectural signature with best practices in sustainable design.

Hotel Monville in Montreal

Hôtel Monville in Montreal

ACDF Architecture unveil distinct sophistication of Hôtel Monville, the first in a collection of future properties envisioned by the owners of Old Montreal’s Hotel Gault, with a three-storey curtain wall and patterned external façade.

Monument Apartments in Montreal

Monument Apartments in Montreal

Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal district in Montreal, the Monument project, by Blouin Tardif Architectes, explores an architectural orientation that allows the design of bright and open residential spaces.