Ivanhoe House

Ivanhoe House in Melbourne

Design: KUD – Kavellaris Urban Design, Architects

The house is a clever orchestration of balancing tension that has created wondrous moments throughout. Makris house can be read as a conversation of dualities, of heavy and lightness, public and private and of light and darkness.

Clifton Apartments

Clifton Apartments in Melbourne

Design: CHT Architects

The 38 apartments that comprise Clifton are designed to engage with the changing nature of inner city urban living. Natural light is maximised while the apartment interiors are stripped back, allowing for a personal interpretation with each apartment.

Residence M

Residence M in Melbourne

Design: CHT Architects

Residence M sits on a small site, mandating an inventive approach that could maximise the yield. Unlike the customary introverted house surrounded by outdoor space.

Doncaster House

Doncaster House in Melbourne

Design: Steffen Welsch Architects

Like living in the 70s is a revival of a late modernist home in suburban Doncaster. Our practice viewed this project as ‘departure with the aim of continuity’, based on the paradigm that any new design is derived from a pre-existing condition.

Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility

Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility

Design: k20 Architecture

Located in the regional setting of Ballarat, Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility has been designed to provide leading edge sporting and social facilities for elite A level as well as international level games.