La Crique Apartments in Marseille

La Crique Apartments in Marseille

Designed by PietriArchitectes, La Crique Luminous, is a 145 apartments building, a stone’s throw from the coves of the Massif des Calanques with curvilinear facades, ribbons of generous balconies separated by wood panels.

FAV 2018 Festival des Architectures Vives space

FAV 2018 Festival des Architectures Vives

Festival des Architectures Vives aims to raise public awareness of the broad field of architecture. It focuses not only on highlighting the work of a younger generation of architects, landscape architects, urban planners, but also on discovering unexpected urban territories.

Marseille Airport Extension

Marseille Airport Extension, France

The design for Marseille Airport Extension, by Foster + Partners, restores the clarity of layout and expression in Fernand Pouillon’s 1960s original, while adding the ‘missing piece’ to the 1992 extension by Richard Rogers to tie the entire ensemble of buildings together.

Vitrolles Media Library

Vitrolles Media Library in France

Architect: Jean-Pierre Lott. Vitrolles grew too quickly. A victim of the urbanization of the 1960s, it went from the status of little Provençal village with about a thousand inhabitants, to a bedroom community comprised of soulless apartment buildings.

Sailing Cube in La Grande Motte

Sailing Cube in La Grande Motte, Montpellier

Design: Atelier Jérôme Lafond. The Festival des Architectures Vives raises public awareness of the wide range of architecture. It highlights the work of a young generation of architects, landscape architects and urban planners, but also seeks to discover unexpected urban areas.