Marseille Airport Extension

Marseille Airport Extension, France

The design for Marseille Airport Extension, by Foster + Partners, restores the clarity of layout and expression in Fernand Pouillon’s 1960s original, while adding the ‘missing piece’ to the 1992 extension by Richard Rogers to tie the entire ensemble of buildings together.

Marseille Grand Mosque Building

Marseille Grand Mosque Building

Design: Bureau Architecture Méditerranée. Architecture integrated into its surroundings – respecting urban fabric and existing historic buildings. The building has a discreet character through use of the same type of stone, preservation of existing buildings and respect for alignments.

Aix University

Aix University in Aix-en-Provence

Design: Dietmar Feichtinger Architects. “A major gesture is not always needed”. The architects develop a 1960s campus – adding value through restraint, carefully positioned cubes, and subtle facade rhythms, rather than “showy sculptural symbols”.