Hanzas Spire Tower Riga

Hanzas Spire Tower in Riga

London based architecture practice AI studio has received planning approval for Hanzas Spire Tower in Latvian capital Riga, which was designed in collaboration with local office DoStudio.

Both Sides in Arena Riga

Both Sides in Arena Riga

Didzis Jaunzems Architecture designed the polygonal surface of the scenography works also a giant video projection screen for Latvian history photo and video interpretations.

Kimmel Quarter in Riga

Kimmel Quarter in Riga

Riga will see the mostly abandoned buildings of its historic Kimmel Quarter transformed into a thriving commercial development, and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects is behind the winning design to revitalize the neighbourhood.

Thermal Bath in Liepaja

Thermal Bath in Liepāja

Design: Steven Christensen Architecture

The design for Liepāja Thermal Bath and Hotel originates from a keen interest in the formal associations of the dome throughout architectural history, and more precisely, its role within the typology of the public bath.

Riga Apartment Building

Riga Apartments, Latvia

The trend of eco-minimalism has become very expressive in the post-crisis architecture therefore, there is a belief that “V4 Rezidence” will gain popularity among both the residents of the quiet center and the potential apartment buyers.

The Dune House in Pape

The Dune House in Pape


This house is located in the dunes by the Baltic sea in western Latvia. A sharp linear thatched structure elegantly engages with the curvy lines of the surrounding landscape.

Nature Concert Hall

Nature Concert Hall in Latvia

Design: Didzis Jaunzems Arhitektūra

Nature Concert Hall 2016 is designed as an art installation made from 10 000 paper bats. Levitating cloud with gradient density over the musicians serves also as a screen for video and light projections.

Museum of Contemporary Art Winners

Museum of Contemporary Art in Latvia

Design: Adjaye Associates + AB3D

The Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation has announced that they have selected Adjaye Associates – working with the Latvian team AB3D – as the winner of the invited international competition to design a new contemporary art museum for the centre of Riga.

Galinciems Library in Ventspils building Latvia

Galinciems Library in Ventspils

Galinciems Library, Contemporary Latvia Building, Architecture, Images, Ventspils Architecture, Images Galinciems Library Contemporary Community Building in Latvia – design by GAISS 2 Jul 2015 Galinciems Library in Ventspils Location: Ventspils, Latvia Design: GAISS, architects The suburban area of Galinciems is lacking a space dedicated to the community, therefore the municipality of Ventspils is planning to construct…