Uluwatu House in Bali

Uluwatu House in Bali

This getaway home designed by SAOTA in Uluwatu, on the south‐western tip of the Bukit Peninsula of Bali, Indonesia, is dramatically perched high on a limestone cliff edge.

Taman Bima Microlibrary in Bandung

Taman Bima Microlibrary in Bandung

Designed by SHAU Architects Taman Bima Microlibrary is a pilot project for a series of low-cost, eco-conscious reading facilities in urban and rural villages, the Microlibrary aims to help combat Indonesia’s low literacy rates.

AM Residence in Jakarta

AM Residence in Jakarta

AM Residence is designed by Andramatin Architect for the architect. The house is characterised by a sense of warmth, simple space programming, and consideration for its wooded suburban context.

House O in Mas Bali

House O in Mas, Bali

Designed by Alexis Dornier House O is a minimal 3 bedroom home for a musician-composer with an upstairs living space overlooking its lush surrounding of green rice paddies and coconut trees.

Jakarta Jaya: the Green Manhattan

Jakarta Jaya: the Green Manhattan

Jakarta Jaya: the Green Manhattan, a green master plan proposal by SHAU Architects, has won a Smart Cities prize at the World Architecture Festival 2017. Residents will enjoy access to plenty of lush tropical parks, beaches, lakes and canals.

Unilever Headquarters

Unilever Headquarters in Jakarta

Design: Aedas

This new Unilever Indonesia office houses all employees from four separate offices in Jakarta under one roof. Aedas architectural and interior designs embody the global company’s vision, values and European heritage within the Indonesian context.

Microlibrary Bima

Microlibrary Bima in Indonesia

Architects: SHAU

With high illiteracy rate in Indonesia and lack of reading facilities, SHAU -a multi-awarded rising architecture practice- started a mission: to rekindle interest in books by offering a designed place for reading paired with multiple community activities.

Clay House

Clay House on Lombok Island

Design: Budi Pradono Architects

This house is located in Selong Belanak. Southern part of central Lombok Island in West Nusa Tenggara. It is 30 minutes drive from Lombok International Airport of Praya.

Melali House

Melali House in Bali

Design: Thomas Winwood Architecture

Contained by a stone clad boundary wall, with the temple in the north east and the shared spaces in the heart of the property. The buildings have been arranged and constructed to create an airy, tranquil and easy feeling.