Residence in Crete

Residence in Crete, Greece

tense architecture network designed this house which unfolds along the south side, the side of the sun: through a double curvature the building bends following the sun’s path from east to west.

Mykonos Villa pool design in the Cyclades |

Mykonos Villa: Residence in the Cyclades

Design: GM Architects with architect Andreas Vassilaros

Reconstruction of a private villa on this Cycladic island by Galal Mahmoud. The design studio focused on the exteriors of the residence, turning terraces into lively outdoors spaces but protected from the strong Mykonos wind.

Cups Nine in Trikala

Cups Nine in Trikala

Design: Normless_architecture studio & workplace

A new Cups Nine shop opens, this time as a Cafe & Patisserie. The building is located in the heart of the school district, opposite of one of the most popular city squares.