Eliava Park Tibilisi

Eliava Park in Tibilisi

Design by artytechs architects, Eliava Park amongst other things, features an open-air amphitheater for events, open cafes, a water mirror with glass a surface and a children’s zone with 3 meter tall book.

Tbilisi Sky-Bridge Saburtalo housing Georgia

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Slashback House in Tbilisi

Slashback House in Tbilisi

Designed by Stipfold Architects Slashback House was realized through bottom-up approach; Forms emerged after deciding how spaces with specific functionalities would be arranged in the house.

Green House in Tbilisi home | www.e-architect.co.uk

Green House in Tbilisi

Design: Stipfold Architects

The building’s fully-fledged relationship with natural light is exquisitely balanced with privacy; The roadside windows let a daylight illuminate the living room and the second floor bedrooms, but their positioning make it impossible for an outsider to grasp interior activities.

New Home in Tbilisi | www.e-architect.co.uk

New House in Tbilisi

Design: Stipfold Architects

The house splits the outdoor space in two and stretches between fences. A double entrance, one leading to a garage, cuts through the side fence and is separated by a wall keeping parking out of sight.

Lazika Municipality Georgia

Lazika Municipality Georgia Building

Design: Architects of invention

A new municipality building for a Black Sea city which is yet to be built. This marine, economic and commercial centre was intended to be one of the largest cities in Georgia but its future hangs in the balance.

Sarpi Border Checkpoint in Georgia

Sarpi Border Checkpoint – Georgia Building

Design: J. MAYER H. Architects. The customs checkpoint is situated at the Georgian border to Turkey, at the shore of the Black Sea. With its cantilevering terraces, the tower is used as a viewing platform, with multiple levels overlooking the water and the steep part of the coastline.
The building welcomes visitors to Georgia, representing the progressive upsurge of the country