MAD Martian Collection at DesignMiami 2017

MAD Martian Collection at DesignMiami 2017

Gallery ALL presents the MAD Martian Collection at DesignMiami/2017. Designed by Ma Yansong, founder and principal partner of MAD Architects, the contoured forms of the furniture pieces recall elements of natural, albeit foreign, extra-terrestrial environments.

Thonet at Design Museum, London

Thonet at Design Museum, London: Furniture

Renowned furniture innovator Thonet, whose iconic designs have had an immeasurable influence on the furniture industry for nearly 200 years, is delighted to have been selected to feature in one of the special installations created for the re-opening of London’s prestigious Design Museum.

Thonet Furniture Design

Thonet at Orgatec: Furniture

At Orgatec Thonet concentrates on comprehensive working worlds: from co-working office spaces with a ‘living room’ feel to home offices with a high standard of design and conference rooms with a ‘make yourself at home’ ambience.

Array Auditorium Seating : Furniture by Zaha Hadid

Array Auditorium Seating – Furniture Design

So many architects are now designing furniture, as they try to extend their areas of remit and as the economy struggles. In the past we of course have many examples – Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer all designed what came to be very popular high-end designs.