Treldehuset in Vejle

Being satisfied tenants in The Iceberg, an award-winning housing project in Aarhus, DK, the owners of the summer house addressed CEBRA. They wanted to know if CEBRA designed small-scale houses with the same high level of architectural ambition. This kicked off Treldehuset.

Ultra Fast Charging Stations by COBE

Ultra Fast Charging Stations by COBE

Danish architects COBE design a modular system of ultra-fast charging stations for CLEVER. The first of the new charging station buildings opens in Fredericia, Denmark, in summer. It allows drivers take a meaningful break during their journey.

Storkeengen Randers, Stork Meadow building design

Storkeengen Randers, Stork Meadow

The climate adaption project in Vorup near Randers, designed by C.F. Møller Architects, resolves the city’s current and future climate challenges by converting the adjacent nature area, Storkeengen (Stork Meadow), into a public nature park.

Storstrom Prison

Storstrøm Prison on Falster

Storstrøm Prison, designed by C. F. Møller Architects, will be the setting for the world’s most humane and re-socializing closed prison, with architecture which supports the inmates’ mental and physical well-being.

Biological Bouse in Middelfart

Biological House in Middelfart

The world’s first ‘Biological House’ has opened its doors to visitors and sets a new high standard for eco-friendly buildings. The leading forces behind this innovative build, Een til Een, built the house in secrecy, and eventually welcomed visitors from all over the world.

Technical Faculty Campus at Odense Universitet

Technical Faculty Campus Odense Universitet

C. F. Møller, Architects’ building is making a bold statement on the campus of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, blending in and standing out at the same time with its unique façade and innovative interior layout for cutting-edge research.

LEGO House Billund by BIG in Denmark

LEGO House Billund, Denmark, by BIG

BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group and LEGO bring the toy scale of the classic LEGO brick to architectural scale with LEGO House, forming vast exhibition spaces and public squares that embody the culture and values at the heart of all LEGO experiences.

Skovbakken School

Skovbakken School in Odder

CEBRA Architects designed the new building replaces an existing school and is in its scale, its architectonic expression and in its materials inspired by its surroundings: the neighbourhood and the public forest.