One Suite Hotel

One Suite Hotel in Srebreno

Architect: 3LHD

One Suite Hotel offers eighteen accommodation units of varying structure are placed on two floors, with commercial and catering facilities integrated into the ground floor and the reception area.

Stone Terrace Resort

Stone Terrace Resort on Pag Island

Architects: ENOTA

Stone Terrace Hotel is set on steep slope in an idyllic bay on Pag Island in Croatia. It is a beautiful island surrounded with crystal water but is on the other hand also known for its harsh winter windy conditions and is therefore only scarcely covered with greenery.

Jelenovac Residence

Jelenovac Residence in Zagreb


The Jelenovac residence site is situated on the junction of two streets, surrounded by family houses and the city park Jelenovac on the front. Newly build house opens itself towards the attractive part of the terrain, greenery, views.