Black House

Sorte Hus in Copenhagen

Architect: Sigurd Larsen

Sorte Hus is an innovative and affordable single-family residence in Copenhagen; it combines intelligent use of prefabricated materials thereby keeping the costs down, while utilizing a simple spatial composition to maximize usable room.

The Roof House

The Roof House in Copenhagen

Architect: Sigurd Larsen

Natural light is an essential element when you build in the Scandinavian countries. Indirect light has a beautiful cold blue color that reminds you that you are close to the sea.

Fisketorvet Copenhagen Mall

Fisketorvet – Copenhagen Mall

Architects: Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Fisketorvet was built in 2000 at a then out-of-town location. Although it has a waterfront location, the shopping-centre was designed as a traditional mall. Visitors would arrive by car and directly enter the building.

The Silo Apartments

The Silo Apartments in Copenhagen

Design: COBE, architects

As the centrepiece of Copenhagen’s redeveloped Nordhavn (North Harbour), Danish architects COBE and clients Klaus Kastbjerg and NRE Denmark unveil the completed transformation of The Silo.

National Rowing Stadium

National Rowing Stadium in Bagsvaerd

Design: AART architects

Denmark’s Rowing Stadium at Bagsværd Lake fulfils the vision of creating a rowing stadium in an international league of its own. Beautifully situated with water and forest on all sides, it is a place that accommodates both the elite and the broader public.

Carlsberg City District Masterplan

Carlsberg City District Masterplan in Copenhagen

Design: Schmidt Hammer Lassen

The former industrial site renowned for its rich architectural legacy has been re-emerging as a new sustainable city district: a dense city structure with attractive urban spaces, public transport, and new buildings that complement the existing historical structures.

Københavns Hovedbanegård

Copenhagen Railway Station: Hovedbanestation København

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Panda House

Panda House in Copenhagen Zoo

Architects: BIG

The Panda House responds to the species’ main threats to extinction – habitat loss and fragmentation by providing a safe and contiguous environment that’s also conducive for reproduction.