CasaBubble Concept Design, USA

Design: Pierre-Stephane Dumas. This frameless, virtually roofless Bubble is inflated by a special turbine which keeps it in shape, renews the air and eliminates pollen, humidity and condensation problems.

Inside, the air is fresh and filtered, there are no mosquitoes and the acoustics are particularly soothing. You can set up your Bubble in next to no time, to make a cosy nest wherever you like, whenever you like.

Bali House 1

Bali House – Family Residence Concept Design

Design: Dymitr Malcew. Situated on a steep slope overlooking a valley, the housing project generously integrates the plan with the surrounding environment and green space. Following a natural continuation of topography and flora and fauna, the main structure is built on two interweaving ‘ribbon’ structures, highlighting the timber and stone facade construction.

Floating House Exterior 1

The Floating House – Sustainable Design

Design: Dymitr Malcew

The Floating house was designed for French developer H2ORIZON, that specialize in construction of floating structures, by Singapore-based architect Dymitr Malcew.

The main goal of the project was to design a house that impacts surroundings in a most minimal way, but at the same time offers flexibility and out of the box living experience.