Plastic Worlds Competition

Plastic Worlds Competition

Eleven’s new competition ‘Plastic Worlds’ is now open for registration. Eleven invite creatives and visionaries from all around the world to join in and fight plastic pollution through raw creativity, imagination and talent.

24H Competition Ocean

24H Competition: Ocean

24h architecture competition news: the oceans are a part of the surface of the planet occupied by sea water that surrounds the continents and currently covers about 71% of the Earth, 361 million km2.

Sommer Pavilion LUGAR suspended gravity

Sommer Pavilion 2018 Competition

Sommer Pavilion 2018 architecture competition winners news – by the Cascais City Hall and assessed by the South Regional Section of the Architects Association, an idea for an ephemeral architectural intervention at Jardim da Parada, beside Casa Sommer, in Cascais.