Baha’i Temple Santiago Building

Chile Architects: Chile Architecture Studios

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Casa Omnibus Chile property

Casa Omnibus: Chile Residence

Design: Gubbins Arquitectos

To break the typical areas of an urban house; kitchen, living–dining room and dormitories, this house has a double circulation that deconstructs these areas into a set of complimentary places. This creates a way of inhabiting that moves away from a typical urban arrangement into a more playful one.

Grupo Sud Offices

Grupo Sud Offices in Santiago

Design: 57STUDIO

Grupo Sud is the conversion of an old perfume factory into an open work space for a holding of 4 companies that are fully integrated in the marketing, production, design and communication areas.

Lo Curro House

Lo Curro House in Vitacura

Design: Nicolas Loi

The house is located in Lo Curro, a residential area of Santiago, Chile. The area has some hills and forest, with a great view of the city of Santiago. The design strategy is based on a 7 x 25 meter rectangle, located over an existing parking space.

Horse Stable in Bío Bío, Chile

Design: Architects of Invention

3rd Prize Winner for Telecom Tower Competition Santiago, Chile

The young London-Moscow-Tbilisi-based practice Architects of Invention has received 3rd Prize for Telecommunications Tower in Santiago de Chile.
The concept of this tower suggests the volcano and optical phenomena such as the halo and the sun pillar. The ideas originate with the early modernists such as Rodchenko, Tatlin, Yakov Chernikhov and Malevich.

Kübler House in Las Brisas de Chicureo

Kubler House, Las Brisas de Chicureo Home, Chile Building, Property Design Images Kubler House Residential Development in South America – design by 57Studio 10 Aug 2015 Kübler House in Las Brisas de Chicureo Location: Las Brisas de Chicureo, Colina, Chile Architects: 57Studio The assignment for Kübler House is a single unit house in a residential…

Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels Rancagua

Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels Chile, House of Worship Santiago, Architect, Design, Image Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels Building Religious Rancagua Building, Chile, South America – design by Antoni Gaudí Architect 20 Jan 2015 Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels in Rancagua Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels, Rancagua…

Fray Leon House

Fray León House in Chile

Architects : 57 Studio

This is a residence for a family who looks for a more extensive terrain and ampler spaces, without leaving the traditional neighborhood where it has lived for almost 30 years.

House in Zapallar

House in Zapallar, Chile

Architect: Enrique Browne

Contemporary Summer House in Chile

The site of this holiday house is long and very inclined. It falls from the North to the South. On its upper edge it sits on a road that unites different seaside towns.

From the upper section it offers splendid views of the seaside resort and of the bay. However, the tree-filled site had many problems.

Louis Vuitton Santiago 1

Louis Vuitton Santiago – Chile Retail Space

Design: Jose-Carlos Valdivia de Los Ríos + Gustavo Carmona

Louis Vuitton designers have selected Accoya®, the world-leading modified wood, manufactured by Accsys Technologies, for the brand’s second store in Latin America.

The prestigious clothing and accessories store, located in Santiago, Chile, was designed by Louis Vuitton architect, Jose-Carlos Valdivia de Los Ríos and Gustavo Carmona, a Mexican architect who lead the Materia-Arquitectónica study.