Proposal for Museum of Ethnography

Proposal for Museum of Ethnography

Design: Graeme Massie Architects

The new building design stems from both an understanding of its role as a civic building in a historic European capital city and its need to respond to the requirements of a twenty-first century museum.

New National Gallery

New National Gallery of Hungary

Design: SANAA, architects

Based on submitted competitive projects and negotiations with architecture studios, the New National Gallery will be built in the Vársoliget to the design by internationally renowned Japanese SANAA architects studio.

Liget Budapest Project

Liget Budapest Competition

Liget Budapest, the Hungarian capital’s large scale museum quarter project that aspires to create a unique cultural and family park through the complex development and renewal of Budapest’s City Park has been finally given the green light.

Museum of Ethnography in Budapest

Museum of Ethnography in Budapest

Facing to a significant complexity of the site, the project assumed a simple and effective resolution of the major issues. A detail analysis of the site added to a thorough study of the urban structure has allowed us to understand how this urban space has been built. The group Fine Arts Museum / Heroes’ square / Art Gallery have the same composition. Each of the museums finally constitutes an urban gateway of an urban space overlooking the heart of the Park Városliget.

Liget Budapest Project

Liget Budapest Cultural Centre Competition

Liget Budapest Project, Hungarian Design Competition Winner, Hungary Cultural Centre Architecture Liget Budapest Cultural Centre Competition New National Gallery–Ludwig Museum, Hungary Architecture Contest: SANAA + Snøhetta, Architects 14 Apr 2015 Liget Budapest Cultural Centre Competition Winners Europe’s new cultural centre to be built in Budapest’s 200-year-old City Park Winners: SANAA (Japan) and Snøhetta (Norway) Two…

Liget Budapest Masterplan Competition Entry

Liget Budapest Masterplan: Design Competition Hungary

Liget Budapest Masterplan, Hungarian Design Competition, Contest News Liget Budapest Masterplan Design Competition in Hungary 10 Mar 2014 Liget Budapest Masterplan Competition Liget Budapest Design Contest For the first time in one hundred years a completely open international architectural design competition in Hungary! Registration began for the Liget Budapest International Architectural Design Competition on 27…