Common Ground High School New Haven Connecticut building

Common Ground High School, New Haven Building

A 14,000 sqft building expanson designed by Gray Organschi Architecture integrates an array of sustainable design features. It weaves into the fabric of farm buildings, combining urban agriculture and sustainable land-management practice in an innovative curriculum.

Ames Boston Hotel building

Ames Boston Hotel Renovation

Glen Coben, of NYC-based architecture & design firm, Glen and Co. Architecture just finished the reno & redesign of the 1893, Ames Boston Hotel (and the restaurant inside, Cultivar) taking the building’s original architecture and redesigning it to merge the past, present and future by blending modern elegance with its many preserved, original features, to create a combo of modern style and old-world sophistication.

Five Fields Play Structure

Five Fields Play Structure

A design by Matter Design & FR|SCH Projects aiming to encourage inventiveness and playful exploration, located in an area designed by The Architects Collaborative in the 1950s. The small building in the woods has ‘no purpose’, but in reality its intention is to facilitate discovery.

House of Shifting Sands in Cape Cod

House of Shifting Sands, Cape Cod

Design: RUHL WALKER Architects

Sited gently on the lower slope of a dramatic 60 foot high coastal bank and surrounded by miles of undeveloped Cape Cod National Seashore beaches and scrub pines is a warm, modern beach house that enjoys uninterrupted ocean views but is also a “thinking retreat”.