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Scottish Broch

Dun Edin Broch
Abbey St Bathans, nr Duns, Borders, Scotland, UK

Dun Edin Broch Broch Borders Dun Edin Broch Abbey St Bathans
Dun Edin Broch photos © adrian welch

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More images of Dun Edin Broch:

Dun Edin Broch Scottish Broch
photos © Adrian Welch

Edin’s Hall Broch (also Edinshall Broch; Odin’s Hall Broch) is a 2nd-century broch near Duns in the Borders of Scotland. It is one of very few brochs found in southern Scotland. It is roughly 28 metres in diameter.

In the late 18th century this site was called “Wooden’s Hall or Castle” (Woden the chief god from Anglo-Saxon mythology). Its later name change apparently recalls the legend of the three-headed giant The Red Ettin known in tales and ballads.

Photographs of Glenelg Broch, nortwest Scotland near Skye:

Glenelg Broch Broch
West Coast Broch photos © adrian welch

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Broch Scotland
Dun Edin Broch – no larger photo © adrian welch


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