Villas Fasano: Porto Feliz Building

Villas Fasano, Porto Feliz Building, Brasil, Photo, Design, Picture

Villas Fasano, Porto Feliz, Brazil

Brazilian Residences – design by Isay Weinfeld arquiteto, Brasil

9 Aug 2010

Villas Fasano

Design: Isay Weinfeld arquiteto

Villas Fasano comprises 45 houses and is located in the 750-hectare Fazenda Boa Vista housing and hospitality complex in Porto Feliz, 100 km away from the city of São Paulo, in Brazil.

Villas Fasano Porto Feliz Villas Fasano Villas Fasano Brasil
photos : Leonardo Finotti

The houses, set side-by-side along two major parallel axes, open all onto a large common use and shared garden.

The gently sloped topography of the 18.000 sq m area reserved for Villas Fasano, the slightly irregular alignment of the houses – they lie sometimes ahead, sometimes more remote – and the absence of fences, walls or any division between the lots provide great organicity and lightness to the ensemble, surrounded by large green extents and the Fasano Hotel which, by the way, provides Villas Fasano and their owners with complete room service, from housekeeping to catering.

The 45 houses – 05 single-storey units and 40 two-storey units – have either 2 or 3 suites, living room, kitchen, toilet, terraces, pool and service areas. The architecture is simple and combines natural and rustic materials such as brick (kept apparent), stucco and wood.

In Villas Fasano, one can enjoy all the comfort and privacy of a house and still delight in the amenities and services of a five-star Fasano Hotel and the wide variety of facilities the Fazenda Boa Vista offers, including a spa, an equestrian center, a swimming pools, a sports center – tennis courts, polo and football fields – two 18-hole golf courses, a pet zoo, 41-hectare woods and inumerous lakes.

A wastewater treatment plant to clears water for reuse in irrigation and, with respect to garbage collection, separated waste is delivered to a recycling station nearby.

A nursery for replanting and seedlings is kept for landscaping maintenance and environmental purposes.

Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

Porto Feliz Villas images / information from Isay Weinfeld arquiteto

Isay Weinfeld

Location:Porto Feliz, Sao Paolo

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