Google Campus in Sao Paulo

Google Campus in São Paulo

Campus São Paulo, a Google Space for enterpreneurs: SuperLimão Studio retrofitted this sixth floor building, Paulista Avenue, São Paulo, Brazil, as a ‘green build’, LEED certified, using local and recycled materials.

'War and Peace' by Candido Portinari for Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil

Sao Paulo Architecture News: Buildings

Sao Paulo architecture news, architectural developments in Brazil – architects Oficina de Mosaicos create a re-reading of the panels ‘War and Peace’ in mosaic, for USP – Sao Paulo building news, Brazilian architecture projects, South American built environment updates, construction design + property photos

RBI Apartment in Sao Paulo

RBI Apartment in São Paulo

Coletivo Architects have recently delivered an apartment renovation for a young entrepreneur in the city of São Paulo. Two parallel white planes break the boundary between the interior and exterior space.