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Circus Maximus Rome

Roman Chariot Racing Venue, Italy – Ancient Italian Architecture

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Circo Massimo

Circus Maximus, southeast Rome

Circo Massimo Circo Massimo Roma Circus Maximus Rome

Former home of chariot racing

Large expanse of grass with some archaeological excavations at east end

The Circus was Rome’s largest venue for ludi, public games connected to Roman religious festivals. Ludi were sponsored by leading Romans or the Roman state for the benefit of the Roman people (populus Romanus) and gods. Most were held annually or at annual intervals on the Roman calendar. Others might be given to fulfill a religious vow, such as the games in celebration of a triumph. The earliest known triumph ludi at the Circus were vowed by Tarquin the Proud to Jupiter in the late Regal era for his victory over Pometia.

Views across to Palatine Hill:
Circus Maximus Palatine Hill

More architecture details online soon

Location:Circo Massimo, Rome

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